Kayak models and construction process documented in detail.

Mono Stray 52 (pictures)

Our longest 1-person kayak with 5.18 m. The empty weight is about 21 kg. The optimal weight of the paddler is from 70 to 100 kg.

Mono Stray 48 (pictures)

With a length of 4.77 m and an empty weight of approx. 20 kg our second largest 1-person kayak. Here we recommend a weight of the paddler in the range of 45 to 80 kg.

Mono Stray 43 (pictures)

With a length of 4.26 m and an empty weight of about 16 kg, we recommend this kayak for children or teenagers or smaller adults. The recommended paddler weight is 30 to 55 kg.

Tandem Cruiser (pictures)

This kayak is 4.26 m long and with an empty weight of about 22 kg it is extremely light compared to other 2-person kayaks. 

The construction process (videos)

If you want to build your own wooden kayak using the stitch-and-glue method, here are more than 20 video tutorials that detail the building process to the finished boat. 

The construction process (pictures)

Here you will find pictures of all the main steps of the construction process of a stitch-and-glue kayak. 

Kayaking impressions (video)

Using our Mono Stray 48 and 52 kayak models as examples, you can see for yourself how the boats perform on the water.

Selected customer projects (pictures)

Here you can find a selection of pictures showing kayak building projects of our customers.