Our kayak models

The length of the boats and the V-shaped hull provide a good straight running. This allows paddling in calm waters (lakes, rivers, coasts) with relatively little effort. The storage space of the boats is generously dimensioned, so that luggage can also be taken along for tours lasting several days. 

Why these four models?

Our goal was, on the one hand, to design versatile allround touring kayaks for both beginners and experienced paddlers of different heights that offer a good combination of speed, stability, loading volume and weight. On the other hand, the building process should not be too demanding either. We built numerous variants, tested them and optimized details again and again. The result is three 1-person kayaks and one 2-person kayak.

Mono Stray 52

Length: 518 cm
Width: 59 cm
Weight: approx. 21 kg
Optimal weight of the paddler: 70-100 kg

Mono Stray 48

Length: 477 cm
Width: 59 cm
Weight: approx. 20 kg
Optimales Gewicht des Paddlers: 45-80 kg

Mono Stray 43


Length: 426 cm

Width: 56 cm
Weight: approx. 16 kg
Optimales Gewicht des Paddlers: 30-55 kg

Which 1-person kayak should I choose?

The choice of kayak depends on the size and weight of the paddler, as well as the payload you usually travel with. Our Mono Stray 43 is designed for a paddler weight of about 30 to 55 kg (i.e. children, teenagers, smaller people), the Mono Stray 48 for 45 to 80 kg, and the Mono Stray 52 for 70 to 100 kg. As the size of the boat changes, so does the total weight (boat + paddler + payload), and accordingly the displacement, hydrostatics of the underwater hull, waterline and wetted area.

All factors affect the resistance when paddling. So if you weigh 75 kg, Mono Stray 48 and 52 are for you. If you are constantly traveling with a lot of payload, the Mono Stray 52 would be a better choice. But other factors also play a role. For example, if you want to store your wooden kayak in the garage, the dimensions of the garage may also play a role. 

Tandem Cruiser

Derived from the geometry of our 1-person kayaks, we built several prototypes of a double kayak and decided on this model after practical tests. Due to its compact dimensions, the Tandem Cruiser is extremely light for a double kayak at about 22 kg and can even be carried by one person. Nevertheless, it is spacious enough to carry a child, the dog or luggage. Anglers also paddle it alone and stow their gear in the boat. 

Unlike a canoe, the Tandem Cruiser is powered with a double paddle. Although the cockpit rim allows a spraydeck to be attached, the kayak is typically paddled open top. 

Length: 426 cm
Width: 75 cm
Weight: approx. 22 kg